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Travel the world and indulge your imagination as you discover the finest foods, the richest wines, the heartiest beers and the most romantic locales and delicious destinations with your host, singer-songwriter, Gypsy.

Learn the secrets of the Viticoltore, the delicate decisions of the sommelier, the rich life within the soil, and the elements that create those tantalizing wines and mouthwatering foods. Drop into the local pub, sit down with Gypsy and have a cold drink or a perfect cup of coffee as you listen to the local music of the region; from rock & roll, to folk, to opera, to bluegrass or an Irish ditty; from electric guitar to the mandolin, the djembe, the bodhran, the uilleannn pipes or Zampogna bagpipes. You'll be amazed by all the undiscovered talent that exists throughout the world.

Stay tuned for this exciting show, where our host Gypsy, musician, part-time chef, wine connoisseur and actress will take you on a comedic journey with her infectious enthusiasm for excellent food, superb wine, soulful music and the perfect cup of tea! This show is sure to dazzle the viewer with a lust for travel, or just the daydream of it.

Gypsy Racco

TV Show Host & Performer

As a singer-songwriter, Gypsy creates a unique sound of folk, pop and rock stemming from her rich musical upbringing of Americana roots music. Growing up in a musical family, Gypsy wrote her first song at the age of five.


Listen to the music of our multi-facteted TV host, Gypsy!


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